International Conference

Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE) is established with prime objective of improving access to high quality education to disadvantaged children in Bangladesh as well as in Asian countries. The Centre is currently based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The members of ACIE are academics, researchers, educators and development workers from countries such as Bangladesh, India, China, and Pakistan, Australia, Canada and the USA who have interest in promoting inclusive education in Asian countries. ACIE is registered as a voluntary, non-profit, non-government organization registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh.

International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education

Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE), Bangladesh has been organizing International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education as a part of regular regional and international network collaboration activities. From year establishment ACIE has organized International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education for Six times, four in Bangladesh and two in India. The aim of the conference is to get an opportunity to share and disseminate ideas, research findings, academic and field-level experiences on Inclusive Education from the developing country experiences with a view to developing a recommendation guideline for the redefining education in the context of 21 century.