5th NAMI Award- 2021

5th Nirafat Anam Memorial Inclusion Award (NAMI 2021)

This is a great privilege for the ACIE, Bangladesh family to declare that Late Mr. Lindsay Allan Cheyne has been awarded the 5th Nirafat Anam Memorial Inclusion Award (NAMI 2021) for his immense contributions regarding the inclusion of various marginalized people in every sphere of life in Bangladesh including those who have disabilities, ethnic backgrounds and who are from disadvantaged socio-economic situations. CONGRATULATIONS!!

This award has been declared today (29 December 2021) in response to the nominations sent by Mr. DIDARUL ANAM CHOWDHURY, Director, Program & Innovations, UCEP Bangladesh dated 07 December 2021; and a rigorous scrutiny and selection process were followed by a Jury Board consisting of:

  1. Professor Dr. Syed Manzoorul Islam, Department of English, University of Dhaka- (Chair-Jury Board) 
  2. Professor Dr. Abdul Halim, Director, Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka
  3. Associate Professor Dr. Sanjida Sanzida Akhter, Department of Women and Gender Studies University of Dhaka
  4. Iqbal Hossain, Education Specialist, UNICEF Bangladesh
  5. Wajiur Rahaman Rafel, Family Member of Late Dr. Nirafat Anam
  6. Professor Dr. M. Tariq Ahsan, IER, University of Dhaka & Secretary General, ACIE Bangladesh
To know the detail please follow the link- https://aciebd.org/942-2/

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