Research Work 
ACIE in collaboration with  Inclusive Education Working Group members, developing partner organizations and other agencies, regularly publishes research report to document and acknowledge inclusive education related innovations, models, evidences and advocacy issues. ACIE also provides technical support to research projects conducted by developing partner organizations and other agencies.
Study Title
Collaboration/ Conducted by
Report (PDF)
A Journey towards Inclusion: An Assessment study of Neuro Developmental Disability (NDD) centres operated by BRAC
ISBN (Print): 978-984-35-1843-9
–          BRAC Education Program, BRAC
Mapping of Inclusive Education in Bangladesh: Identification of Good Practices
– Save the Children Intl Bangladesh
– CBM International Bangladesh
– Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA)
2019_Report of IE Mapping Study
Analyzing the causes of dropout of children with disabilities from mainstreaming primary school in Bangladesh
– Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA)
– Liliane Fonds
– UNESCO- Dhaka
2017_DRRA ACIE UNESCO Study CWD Dropout
Child Rights Situation Analysis and Community Survey
– Holistic Approach towards Promotion of Inclusive Education (HOPE)
– Save the Children
2016_Report O1 SCI_HOPE Study
Situation analysis of education of children with Disabilities in Bangladesh
ISBN 978-984-33-8460-7
– Sightsavers
2015_Sightsavers Situation Analysis Final
National baseline study on developing a Model of inclusive education in Bangladesh project based on secondary data
– Plan International Bangladesh
2013_National Baseline Study on IE_PIB