Keynote Speeches- 6th intl. Conf. 2022

Keynote Speeches

According to the UNESCO head of the Dhaka Office, the 6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education 2022 is timely and extant for a post-COVID era of blended education. ACIE is pleased to share that our very favorite Syed Manzoorul Islam, a famous Bangladeshi critic, writer, and former professor at Dhaka University as a keynote speaker at the conference. ACIE also invited Dr. Tim Loreman, Vice-Chancellor of the Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Professor Dr. Sanjeev Sonawane, Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Savitri Phule Pune University, Pune, India.

Tim Loreman, PhD

Dr. Tim Loreman is the eighth President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University of Edmonton. Installed on January 1, 2017, Dr. Loreman’s transformational leadership style and bold vision for the future has propelled CUE forward towards realizing its potential as Canada’s pre-eminent small university. Dr. Tim Loreman joined CUE in 2003 as a professor in the Faculty of Education. He is known around the world for his work in inclusive education and pedagogy, and holds a Diploma in Teaching from Monash University, Graduate Diploma in Special Education from Deakin University, Master of Education from Deakin University, and Doctor of Philosophy in Education Psychology from Monash University. Prior to being installed as CUE’s eighth President and Vice-Chancellor, he served as Vice-President Academic and Provost. Under his leadership, CUE has grown into a place of spirit and discovery, offering students from around the world a boutique learning experience that prioritizes wellness, curiosity, and active citizenship.

Tim’s paper on ‘Dimensions of equity and inclusion in education in a time of disruption’ has reflected the impact of inclusive education on ‘Empathy Deficit’. He also discussed the opportunities and challenges for inclusive education brought about by the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that has advanced exponentially during the pandemic. He also orated the local and global impact of of an extended war in Ukraine on inclusive education. To watch the keynote speech of Professor Tim Loreman, Ph.D. from the 6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education 2022, Click Here

Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam, PhD

Syed Manzoorul Islam Ph.D. taught at the Department of English, University of Dhaka for more than four decades before retiring in 2017. He now teaches English at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Apart from teaching and research in literature, literary theory and cultural studies, he has been involved in educational reform, planning and materials design for a long time. He has edited English Language textbooks for NCTB, helped prepare the National Curriculum Framework 2021 as an expert, and assisted in preparing strategic plans for developing college and university education (Strategic Plan for Higher Education, 2017-2030, MoE/HEQEP/UGC; the ongoing CEDP, MoE/NU/UGC). In the column he writes for the popular Bangla daily Prothom Alo as well as in other newspapers and journals of the country he has written extensively on the need for educational reform and how to go about it.

Manzoor’s paper on ‘Education Reforms and the Demands for global Change: An Overview’ contemplates the outline of a visionary—but achievable —model of a twenty first century classroom that has the potential to bring the desired paradigm change in our education.

To watch the Keynote Speech of Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam from the 6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education 2022, Click Here

Professor Sanjeev Sonawane, PhD

Professor Sanjeev Sonawane, PhD is the Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune since December 2019 and the Director of School of Education, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. In addition to that he is the Director (I/C) of UGC-HRDC, S.P.P.U. Pune since June 2012; Director, Faculty Development Center, PMMMNMTT, S.P.P.U. Pune and the Co-ordinator of National Resource Centre, PMMMNMTT, S.P.P.U. Pune. Besides, he is In-charge Director of the Board of Examination & Evaluation Since 02/05/2022 till date and in-charge of the Centre for Inclusive Education. He has published various documents in the forms of Books-18, Chapter in Books -02, Journal Article -40 Seminar /Conference, Proceedings & Presentation – 21. He is the founding member of the Asian Centre for Inclusive Education. His areas of interests include Teacher Education, Health & Physical education, Inclusive Education, Quality in Teacher Education & Higher Education. As the recognition of his contributions, Dr. Sanjeev received several awards that include Lanus–Palme Teacher Exchange Scholarship in 2004& 2010 by Govt. of Sweden, School of Education & Communication, Jonkoping University, Sweden, The NCPEDP Mind Tree Helen Keller National Award 2012, and Award of Eminence IATE, 2019.

Sanjeev brought the insights from NEP 2020 and presented his keynote speech on ‘Policy Reform for Future Education: A Reflection from South Asian Initiatives’ which gives us an idea of the path India has taken to reform their educational sector in an equitable and inclusive way. To watch the Keynote Speech of Professor Sanjeev Sonawane, Ph.D. from the 6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education 2022, Click Here